Simple Kingdoms is meant to played over time and requires the player to think carefully with each action they take. This game runs on an old browser-based game method of passing time known as "ticks".

Each tick length depends on the server you decide to play on. You can even play on all 3! There are 3 game speeds. 5 minute ticks, 15 minute ticks and 60 minute ticks. When a tick happens, all marches advance, resources are generated, troops are trained, etc...

This gives players a more strategic approach to the game as it is meant to be played. Simple Kingdoms is meant to be a light-weight game that can be played across every device type that has a connection! (*Minimal speeds! 56k even)

Form guilds, rise through the ranks of the world and claim your throne 1 tick at a time.

*If you are playing on a browser, reduce the width of the game window for the best play experience.


   - Ticks started on all servers - Happy New Years!

   - Complete server reset due to recent fixes.

   - Fixed inactive deletion issue

   - 5 minute & 60 minute servers enabled
   - Incorporated auto inactive account deletion after 2 weeks
   - Fixed battle wins/losses/kills stats
   - Fixed auto-delete mail function

   - Raised camp capacity from 500 per level to 2500
   - Fixed resource income bug during tick

   - Raised March Tent Capacity to match Wall Capacity

   - Raised wall capacity from 250 to 1000 (base value)
   - Raised scout capacity from 100 to 250 (base value)
   - Increased food and water income from 50 to 150 (base value)
   - Increased wood and stone income from 50 to 100 (base value)
   - Removed Castle level requirement for Planner

   - Balance Reset

   - Simple Kingdoms Mobile v1.1 test begins
   - Happiness & Honor Update

   - Lowered population growth slightly
   - All units trainable by exact numbers
   - New report reading layout, read/unread system
   - Integrated Building/Unit/Plan canceling
   - Set header and footer buttons to be clickable

   - Troop unit disbanding integrated
   - The world travel cycles through east/west
   - Fixed power not showing correctly
   - Unit deaths included in the attack report now
   - Fixed "notice" error upon registration

   - Wall now has health points shown as red bar