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Welcome! We are excited to have you here and would like to explain a bit about the game before you decide whether or not to embark upon the journey ahead.

Simple Kingdoms is meant to played over time and requires the player to think carefully with each action they take. This game runs on an old browser-based game method of passing time known as "ticks".

Each tick happens every 30 minutes in this game and when it happens, all marches advance, resources are generated, troops are trained, etc...

This gives players a more strategic approach to the game as it is meant to be played. Simple Kingdoms is meant to be a light-weight game that can be played across every device type that has a connection! (*Minimal speeds! 56k even)

Form guilds, rise through the ranks of the world and claim your throne 1 tick at a time (30 minute intervals).

*If you are playing on a browser, reduce the width of the game window for the best play experience.


   - Balance Reset

   - Simple Kingdoms Mobile v1.1 test begins
   - Happiness & Honor Update

   - Lowered population growth slightly
   - All units trainable by exact numbers
   - New report reading layout, read/unread system
   - Integrated Building/Unit/Plan canceling
   - Set header and footer buttons to be clickable

   - Troop unit disbanding integrated
   - The world travel cycles through east/west
   - Fixed power not showing correctly
   - Unit deaths included in the attack report now
   - Fixed "notice" error upon registration

   - Wall now has health points shown as red bar